Marilyn Shannon

Marilyn Shannon


There’s something about Marilyn that makes me feel at home. She is so honest, straight, funny, deep, kind, real, and inspiring. The way she weaves stories makes me smile. The way she reveals her humanity is moving.

The way she speaks of her husband is inspiring. Her very in the moment story of taking care of her 95 yr old mother during Covid will speak to many of you potentially wrestling with decisions about who to see, how to see them when to see them… you will feel seen, heard, understood, and inspired to follow your own knowing, to honor your own truth.

Marilyn is a pure presence, I love connecting with her… she reminds me that Words Create Worlds and the power of our story often has to do with the quality of the listener. Savor the energy of this conversation, may it soothe your Soul.


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Meet Marilyn Shannon

Marilyn Shannon is an expert listener, facilitator, author, superior court mediator, consultant, life/business coach, speaker, journalist, online international TV/Radio host, and the Founder of Women’s Power Networking. As a speaker, Marilyn is motivational and inspirational. Marilyn focuses her talks and workshops on communication, leadership, listening, personal growth, and personal freedom and has facilitated large and small group meetings and workshops.


Marilyn is known as “the listener”. Her demeanor as a show host and the speaker is warm and inviting, leaving her audiences feeling engaged and inspired. Marilyn’s involvement in many coaching and mediation programs led to “Dialogue”, her private practice where she specializes in working with children, teens, families, couples, individuals, and businesses.


Marilyn has two offices to serve her clients and has also joined Carolina Performance, for psychiatry and counseling. Marilyn is a number one selling author for her book “In Just One Afternoon – Listening Into The Hearts Of Men” and will soon release her second book, which will be devoted to the lives and relationships of twins. In Marilyn’s previous life she taught special education in the public school system, owned a furniture store for many years, was a marketing and advertising representative for both print and television. Marilyn holds a degree in Communications and Public Address from Syracuse University and is a wife, mother of 5, and Landon, Liev, and Nolan’s grandma.


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