Lopa van der Mersch

Lopa van der Mersch


OMG what an inspiration! Lopa is REAL. She GETS it. She does her work AND allows herself to be used by Spirit to uplift humanity… through Rasa. Her journey will invite you to KNOW that your path is guiding you exactly where you need to go to BE YOU. The story of her shift in sexuality in her marriage is WOW. The humor with which she shares about her boys demanding her presence is sensational. The way she chooses to LEAD her company, TALK to the consciousness of her business and LEAN IN to the business as her spiritual practice is inspiring as shit. She makes me desire to support her, to be fuel in her sails, to champion her vision. She’s living her passion AND helping people be healthier, have the energy they desire, awaken their libido. AND the vision she has at the end of the conversation? DONE! Don’t you see it as done? You will love this conversation. Let it awaken your loving mark on the world. xox


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Meet Lopa

Lopa van der Mersch is many things: Ayurvedic practitioner. Mother of two. Sustainability advocate. TEDx speaker. Recovering cult member. Her adventures have taken her around the world in search of health, spiritual fulfillment, and deep energy. 2 Years ago, she added a new chapter to her life story: Founder and CEO of Rasa, the adaptogenic coffee alternatives revolutionizing people’s relationship to their energy.
In 2015, Lopa endured the most stressful year of her life — she left a destructive cult, underwent surgery while pregnant, lost a beloved family member, and had an emergency cesarean birth. Beaten down and exhausted, she needed a sustainable source of energy that could naturally elevate her mood without burnout, crashes, or jitters – and that wouldn’t be as harsh on her already taxed nervous system as coffee.
The problem? What she needed didn’t seem to exist — yet. So, inspired by her newborn child and the wisdom of Ayurveda, she partnered with a clinical herbalist and got to work. After countless failures and “almost-but-not-quite” creations, Rasa was born: adaptogen-rich blends that nourish and revitalize the body while providing enough rich, roasty flavor to convert even the most devoted coffee fanatic. Two years later, what started with a mom elbow-deep in herbs in her kitchen has grown into a full-blown energy movement — exploding with triple-digit yearly growth and garnering a following of tens of thousands around the world.




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