Client Lauri’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

Client Lauri’s Story and Healing Tools That Work


I thought I’d been through a lot of challenges in my life. Not compared to the extraordinary Lauri. She’s my inspiration, she’s our community’s inspiration and I know she’ll expand your point of view of what’s possible. From the early years of addiction, to the loss of her friend, a devastating rock climbing accident, the loss of her daughter and now raising a three and a six-year-old, this woman was ready for retirement and everything has changed. She is the embodiment of bravery itself. The process I’ve had the honor of taking her through and the extraordinary support of the coaching community, have created nothing short of miraculous transformations, deep effective conversations, and the awakening of an unbreakable spirit of magic and wonder in this modern day goddess.

In this vulnerable tearjerker of an inspiring conversation, we also discussed…

-How getting clear on your deal breakers allows for your partner to be honored with clear direction and step up effectively

-What it feels like to truly surrender into the noble divine protective masculine, and to show that healthy relationship dynamic to her granddaughters

-The effervescent joy it is to know and live your divine purpose, for Lauri it’s designing sacred spaces so your home feels like you are on a vacation




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Meet Lauri

Laureen Youngblood, Interior Designer, Seeker of Wonder and Magic. Laureen brings her vision, imagination and years of experience in construction and showrooms to create a space that is Sacredly Yours. The oldest of 5 Daughters, Laureen, was born and raised in a very isolating and patriarchal religious environment, she chose to walk away at the age of 19. Doing so required her to have the willingness to separate herself from her younger sisters, family, and community. This created a vacuum in her life and 12 years of being lost in drug addiction and a cycle of abusive relationships. She was rescued through the judicial system and given another chance to find herself at the age of 30. She has found her true calling in Interior Design, creating sacred spaces from which her clients can live their best life through a healthy and inspiring living environment, and she’s been featured in the Living & Home Section for her knowledge of materials used in Interior Architecture residential projects. Over the past four years, The Universe has given Laureen a series of life changing events even deeper and wider than the trauma of addiction and abusive relationships of her youth. In July 2019 her best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident. Barely finding her footing, Laureen started her deep work with Allana to coach her back into an intimate relationship with herself in January 2020. Then a month later, asking the Universe for a better connection with her body, she had a rock-climbing fall that resulted in 6 fractured bones in both legs, 9 days in the hospital, 3 surgeries and 3months in a wheelchair before the long road through recovery started. Continuing coaching, she found her inner truth and took a Space of Grace from her relationship with her beloved. Continuing this journey of spiritual growth, true intimacy with self and finding her place in this world with Allana as guide, Laureen deepened her understanding of how our physical environment informs every day of our life, the choices we make and how that affects our families, our health and overall lives. The Universe continued to have faith in Laureen’s strength and willingness to grow in spirit and understanding. Her 27-year-old daughter died unexpectedly of a drug overdose in October 2022, leaving her two young daughters of 2 years and 6 years to be raised collectively by their father, Laureen and Heather’s father. Due to the work that both Laureen and her daughter’s father had done over the course of the preceding 2-year Space of Grace, they have come back together to continue the joy of being each other’s beloved and parenting their two young granddaughters. Laureen still seeks to find the Magic in the world and helps her clients to find that in their own environment…..“You should be able to walk into your kitchen in the morning for your first cup of coffee and feel lifted up and be excited about your day; create meals with love and joy, and then find sanctuaries in your own home that help you feel as if you are on vacation from the hectic world, and can find energy to do it again the next day”… this is her gift to her clients and the world.





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