Soulful Mama’s Truth & Transcendence with Kelli Moore

Soulful Mama’s Truth & Transcendence with Kelli Moore


Something really sacredly spooky happens when I speak with the extraordinary Kelli Moore. First, she was unapologetically beautifully breastfeeding during the 1st half of the Podcast. Second, it’s almost like I’m looking at myself 20 years ago, her mother just passing and her becoming a mother. Those moments rocking our children in the middle of the night, full circle experiences with our mothers. And when Kelli reveals courageous stories and transparent truths, she effortlessly shines a light on my blind spots every time we connect. She’s healing four generations of women with her bravery choosing to be free and setting her 4-month-old daughter free, no more codependency. No more having the source of our happiness or worth be our children. All the while simultaneously knowing that I am you, you are me, and we are one… and we are free.


In this transparent connection we also discussed…


-While grateful for her upbringing and success, how a distinct comment about her dress began the birthing of her true identity and life


-How compassion for self and others evens the playing field because we never know what’s going on behind the scenes of someone’s Instagram feed


-How embracing her bisexuality allowed her to meet and integrate the wholeness of her being and express the love, care and unabashed impact she’s here to make on the planet empowering women.


-And she successfully navigated breastfeeding, passing off Ro to the nanny, receiving the sleep monitor, then receiving Ro back again who didn’t want to sleep… All while on camera. Unapologetic intimacy at its best.




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Meet Kelli

I’m Kelli Moore. I like to think of myself as the master of helping women reinvent themselves. After leaving my 15 year award winning sports television career while simultaneously healing myself of chronic illness, I’ve been devoted to supporting women in their own self discovery process. Through potent conversations on my top ranked shows, The Naked Mama and OK, Babe., I lead women in their journeys of intimacy, motherhood, and clearing old stories and beliefs to step into who they are becoming. I’m a mama, wife, Co-Founder and CEO of the premiere podcast network, Soulfire Productions.





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