Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas


Wow! No wonder when someone says BUT after they say I’m sorry, it pisses me off! Dr. Jen Thomas, co-author of the 5 Apology Languages along with Gary Chapman was a delight. She explained the 5 Apology Languages and how it has positively affected her marriage and parenting. We spoke of the quality of sincerity… how it affects our ability to trust again and triggers our innate desire for Justice. We concurred on how apologizing to SELF can be the hardest yet most rewarding. Knowing both your LOVE language and apology language are like bookends to a healthy relationship personally, professionally, parentally… everywhere! Discover which apology language you are as you listen to this conversation… xoxo Allana


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Meet Jennifer

Dr. Jen is a business consultant and individual coach. She gave a TEDx talk about apologies in 2015. She is the co-author of “The 5 Apology Languages” and “Making Things Right at Work”. She works as a master facilitator for The 5 Love Languages. Dr. Jen’s interests include volunteer work, land conservation and hiking.








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