Jeff Abraham

Jeff Abraham


OMG I’ve met such a soul tribe brother!!!! Jeff is heart centered and deep while being wildly exuberant about life, being a Dad, a successful CEO and amazing lover. Promescent is born from such a scientifically sound foundation while being aligned with US here at in that sexuality is sacred, it’s our birthright, it keeps us juicy alive creative and vibrant. Communication is key and these products support closing the ‘arousal gap’ which you’ll learn more about in our conversation. Their products support people in dissolving anxiety and deepening intimacy. Jeff’s amazing with tips on how to keep foreplay going all day long communicatively and physically with their products. We shared of how we’re aligned in raising our sons regarding healthy sexuality as well as how we learned things from our parents that didn’t work in relationships… and both enjoy the fruits of doing the inner and outer work to have sexually thriving relationships. And we even shed a tear at the end… this man has heart and it’s a privilege to have him on the show. Believe me, this is Part 1… we’ll be talking more to this passionate man soon. Enjoy! >>> Check out Promescent®️ products


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Meet Jeff

Jeff Abraham is originally from Pittsburgh, moved to California in the 80s. Built a tech company that later got acquired allowing him to retire early. His neighbor and Founder of Promescent Dr. Ronald Gilbert was a good friend and also a leading Urologist in Orange County. After the initial success of Promescent, Jeff came on board as CEO in 2010 to help grow and scale the company. In 2013 a startling event happened where a mistake of identity lead to the murder of Dr. Gilbert. For the past 8 1/2 years, it became Jeff’s mission and sole purpose to grow the company to its highest heights to honor Dr. Gilbert and his immediate family. Jeff is passionate about doing the morally right things and holding others who don’t accountable. In 1999 he walked away from millions of dollars in business with Hyundai because they wanted him to weed out African American and female candidates. He took them to court and won. He is again seeking justice against a multi-billion dollar multinational company that he says doesn’t want to follow our laws. >>> Check out Promescent®️ products



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