Ahhh…talk about a home coming!!! It had been quite some time since Jaiya and I connected. SO MUCH has unfolded for her soul’s evolution. She shared brave inner work she engaged in that has brought her home to truth, love and light. She shared of the exquisite evolution she’s navigated with her parter that’s both heartfelt and hot.
She shared about the 5 erotic languages, their super powers and shadows… I ended up in tears by the end… resonating with how unfed I feel. I am taking the quiz right away to further understand my erotic nature and to support my ever unfolding honor of myself and coming home to my truest nature. We laughed, cussed, cried and deeply connected. You will FEEL the connection and undoubtedly I know it will awaken what’s next for you on your sacred erotic journey. Listen now 😉
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Meet Jaiya
Internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best selling author (Red Hot Touch), Jaiya is the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz . Through more than two decades of client observation and clinical research she discovered a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of arousal, a revolutionary framework to create deeper connection and sexual satisfaction.
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