Gurutej Khalsa

Gurutej Khalsa


This was a GREAT GREAT GREAT INTERVIEW! SOOOO much value, brave authenticity, profound insights, hysterical jokes, useful tools and upleveling questions to ask your soul. I love Gurutej. I cherish her wisdom, vulnerability and light. We spoke of the art of touch, asking your heart and intuition if a door opening will profit you on all levels. You will LOVE what she and her husband do when someone on TV kisses… xoxo She reminded me that the woman sets the tone and frequency of the relationship, she GETS to be the creator and flow like water. AND it’s OK when you’re triggered to walk away. We spoke of her flip charts now being available digitally (quick ways to change your state, to center and remember who you are). We spoke of the art that’s pouring through her and maybe I can get her art on yoga mats for my clients! And SO much more! You will literally be nourished by this conversation. Enjoy!


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Meet Gurutej

Gurutej is known as the Energy Guru. Her mission is for you to have the tools and support to be your own Energy Guru. Energy is the basis of all possibilities. Prolific author of 5 best selling books and The Empowered Energy Academy of 11 online transformational programs. Her signature program True Success is her personal mentoring program for people to gain clarity and transform their lives. She teaches and trains teachers around the world.








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