Dr. Grant Rex Kruhly

Dr. Grant Rex Kruhly


No way! ANOTHER brother from another mother! I love how we fell into talking about REAL men… how he suggested the book I read to Gabriel, how he was vulnerable about his transformation of his relationship with anger. I loved how he values apprenticeship with martial arts and various sciences. I love how he surrounds himself with mentors both alive and passed. I love how he’s literally doing a morphic field clearing of cognitive dissonance event soon for us to be blessed by the tripe layered quantum system he’s learned. I love to geek out on science, learn more nuances to support my evolution while allowing life’s synchronicities to delight me. I sense there will be a Part 2 & 3… like his first sexual experience at 27 in Tokyo…so much heart, richness, science and possibility to support consciousness and our beautiful planet Earth. Enjoy!


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Meet Nate

Brief Overview of Depth Healing:
Consists of three powerful quantum systems layered together; Subconscious Surgery, Heart Coherence Meditation, and Deeksha. Subconscious Surgery – A precise method using destructive/constructive interference frequencies to remove, interruptor shut off the causal subconscious belief associated with the client’s condition or circumstance and replace that with a frequency that restores and enhances the coherence and perception of their consciousness relative to the specifics of their case. This then begins to rewire the circuitry of their neural nets changing their subconscious filters relative to the specifics of the case. The change in their perception changes their vibration, (they’re personal vibratory Field signature) which then changes their physiology and surround via the law of resonance. During the surgery, all entangled people, places, events, emotions, everything involved is cleared together. Therefore, the entire collective field responsible for the creation of the client’s condition/story is altered. Heart Coherence Meditation Using the basic model of Heart Math as developed by Dr. Sarah Childre, the client engages in Heart Coherence meditation while the subconscious surgery is being done. The massive research performed at the Heart Math Institute speaks for itself, and Dr. Grant has used it for over 20 years. Dr. G’s primary interest is establishing a powerful biofield of high frequency in order to fully activate a robust Epi Genetic evolution of the client’s physiology. This meditation is proven in peer-reviewed studies to create highly structured coherent molecules/cells while reducing the draining effects of multiple sources of stress, toxins, and disease. Note: My research indicates that Heart Math and similar methods address negative subconscious programs up to 30%. Depth Healing and my personal ability to apply it reaches 70% of all negative/disempowering, or destructive programs. This is critical. Deeksha Dr. G is a Deeksha Blessing giver. Deeksha is channeled into the brain of the client from the Doctors hands which he places evenly on the topsides of the head. The blessing has been studied with Functional BrainScans at the University of Pennsylvania. The study showed that Deeksha robustly lights up the Frontal Cortex,(especially the left) at the same time, it slowly begins shutting downareas of the parietal lobes associated with worry, anxiety, past regretand future fear. Deeksha is THE GAME CHANGER Dr. Grant begins receiving Deeksha in early 2013. Formally, Dr. G was a driven Type A personality, highly stressed, slightly Autistic and a super achiever with a vicious temper. With Deeksha all of those traits just organically disappeared, they are no longer part of Dr. Grant’s reality. This is true for thousands of people all over the world in virtually every country today. No opinion, just fact. As the result of Deeksha endorsing the neurologic changes established through the surgery, Dr.G’s client experience huge and very rapid change in almost all cases to date. Thereafter, by daily practice of Heart Math, their level is more likely to remain sustained. RANGE OF CLINICAL CASES TO DATE: Since Depth Healing is working at the causal level of what GeniusPhysicist Nassim Haramein calls the Holofractal Unified Field, there really isn’t anything that cannot be improved, healed, or changed. A list of conditions that Dr. G has had success with: MSChronic long term Lyme’s DzHuntington’s DzHigh Functioning AutisticsADHD and ADDAll levels of AnxietyPanic AttacksPTSDRetinitis PigmentosaAsthmaChronic PainAcute PainAll Head AchesLumbar, Thoracic, Cervical painNumbness/tingling hands – feetArthritisFibromyalgiaChronic Anal BleedingGI and Gut Biome IssuesCysts of Breast or OvaryHiatal HerniaHerpesSevere Chronic StressOTHER CATEGORIES: Restore Family RelationsUnblock Business NegotiationsUnblock Legal IssuesGive Real-Time Advice on Stocks, Investments, Mergers, BusinessDecisionsClarify Life Choices, Moving, Divorce, Career Change Heal PetsHeal Broken HeartsDepressionSupport Systems Expertise: Dr. G uses the following support systems on an as-needed basis AFTER the client has completed their surgery. In this way, they truly benefit since all cognitive dissonance is removed. Brain Reprogramming, using Psych-K to automate new behaviors, habits, and perceptions so that they are productive and acquire a level of personal mastery. Personal Coaching in real-time, regarding reframing, cognitive strategies for resilience, stress control, self-releasing anxiety, etc. Breathing Methods for breaking Stress Loops and Severe Anxiety orpanic attacks.LifeStyle Change to develop a high-performance Life with real-time joyand fulfillment via congruence with their Core Values. Tibetan Reiki is applied as needed to heal or shrink/dissolve tumors, inflammation, pain, congestion in tissue or organs, and the regeneration of organ systems and joints.Credentials:Dr. G attended 3 major Chiropractic Colleges in the United States. Firstone was Life University in GA, the second one, Parker College in Dallas TX, and the final one, Texas Chiropractic College in Houston TX, where hegraduated as a Chiropractic Physician in 2006, Total Years, 5During those years Dr. G apprenticed under 3 world-class Doctors. In Dallas, under Dr. Lance Wright, Master of Network Chiropractic. In Houston TX, under Dr. Jeff Brittain, Master of Network Chiropracticand Metabolic Therapies, and Dr. Bob Rakowski, Master of AppliedKinesiology and Functional Medicine.Additionally, Dr. G directly studied under each of the Founders of themajor Chiropractic Systems:Dr. George Goodheart Jr. Founder Genius of Applied KinesiologyDr. Donald Epstein, Founder Genius of Network Chiropractic, aQuantum Process System.Dr. Ted Morter, Founder Genius of B.E.S.TGAME CHANGER- upon graduation, Dr. G moved to GA to open his first clinic. There he met his greatest teacher, Dr. Larry Haberski, Grand Master of B.E.S.T (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)Over the next 8 years, Dr. Haberski taught Dr. G the Quantum Field a sit relates to mind and the Subconscious, Spirit, Past Lives, Disease, Pain, everything. He taught Dr. G how to interpret the symptoms of the body as a language so that the cause could be known. If it’s known and found it can be cleared! All of ‘Depth Healing’ is foundationally based on the craft andknowledge Dr. Haberski shared with Dr. G. He holds a 4 year Honors BHK from the University of Windsor OntarioCanada graduated in 1991. Exercise Physiology with minor in PsychologyLICENCES Dr. G held licenses in both Georgia and Tennessee USA Since 2015 Dr. G shifted all his work to International Distance Healerwith clients all over the world.Certified specialist in NetworkSpecialist of Bio Cranial, a reorganizational method developed by Dr.Boyd of Scotland.Cervical Myofascial ReleaseActive Release TechniqueProfessional Trainer, Hand trained professionals. Produced several world-class martial specialists.Author of WANT MORE? The seven simple disciplines to empower your life. On Amazon Written for Corporate America, it uses Zen applied through the body to break the stress cycle of corporate agendas to be applied in realtime on the job.Built the DO SATSU KEN DOJO, (Insight Sword School) in Mt. View CA.From 1994 – 2000 taught all branches of the military both enlisted andveterans. Trained members of the Palo Alto Swat Team. Several scientists from NASA. Worked with battered/abused women and rebuilt their lives and self-esteem, coached and trained Silicon exec and IT people in professional and personal development. Yearly, Dr. G lead off-trail backpacking wilderness retreats, 7 dayslong with Meditation and Zen Sword in the high escarpment ofYoshimite Valley.. Was Co-host of the Internet TV show, The Radical Man, a weeklybroadcast examining Manhood and Men’s issues in the western world. It aired about one year and a half. Currently, Dr. G is working on writing a comprehensive book on DepthHealing.








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