Candid Confessions: From Shame to Big Cojones

Candid Confessions: From Shame to Big Cojones


In this vulnerable did-I-really-say-that episode, I reveal my own journey with shame. It started at church as a little girl, then made wrong for apparently almost killing my sister, wrong for being a Little Bo Peep, wrong for dancing like a Sufi dancer to Jesus Christ Superstar in the living room. And then I reveal the Monster in the closet of my psychedelic somatic integration protocol journey… that there must be something fundamentally wrong with me… only to discover I am an innocent child of God doing her best, like all of us. Only to discover when you lean into that pile of shame-shit, you discover there’s a pony in there somewhere! Only to discover we are not bad after all.

In this transparent episode I also discussed…

-How my clients deal with shame about wanting money, wanting to be pursued, wanting a thinner body.

-How the wound of my 1st boyfriend after a year and a 1/2, losing losing his virginity at a party… with someone else.

-How the death of my best friend/brother-figure cracked the shame code and set me on the path to live with my heart splayed wide open.

-How we don’t need to leave our bodies out into the cosmos to feel wholeness, we can experience that inside of our sweet bodies on this exquisite planet.


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