Elizabeth Anneka

Elizabeth Anneka


Yum Yum Yum. I think we felt like we both had sex by the end of this interview! It was so delicious talking about how to touch a woman… AND how to receive touch as a woman… and how to ASK for what you desire… and showing men the keys of how to truly turn us on. It must be frustrating for men to ‘win’ or succeed with bringing us pleasure when we’re all different… and even the same woman is different throughout the month… so how can he ever get it right? Elizabeth breaks it down. And we get a bit cosmic with the bliss thats possible. And also down to earth with real challenges, obstacles and fears. Basically at the end we decide we’re dragons. You HAVE to listen. It’s delicious and will inspire deep connection with self and your beloved. HUGE LOVE!


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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Anneka is a spelunker of fun. A touch guru. An intimacy coach. She teaches men how to touch women the way they want to be touched, and women how to ask for what they want in bed. From the ripe young age of 16 when she had her first kiss, Elizabeth has been an ardent fan of touch, intimacy, and physical connection! An adventurer at heart, she honed her listening skills while traveling the world, then rounded off her knowledge with Transformational Breathing Coursework and a Master’s Certification in Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (fancy jargon for darn effective behavior change). Elizabeth resides half-time in Boulder and travels much of the rest of the year. She works with clients online and some group in-person events (coming in fall 2021!).

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