Eleonore de Posson

Eleonore de Posson


Such a delicious conversation about the feminine… trust… the whole conversation seemed to come back to trust. To be authentic… trust who you are is enough, to surrender? Trust your are safe, listen to your intuition? trust what you hear… on and on… even being grounded in our body… trust we are held, enough and meant to be here. RECEIVE! Yes trust you can handle the challenges and the rapture! Sacred sex? Trust you can let go of control and melt into oneness… Ahhh. Delicious indeed! AND real… El shares of being a new mom and her little one’s first cold… again… surrender and trust all will be well. You will FEEL the feminine energy in this interview and it will support you in slowing down to listen to her wisdom within you. Enjoy!


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Meet Ele

Eleonore is a Spiritual Teacher, Divine Feminine Healer, Speaker, Author and Intuitive Business Mentor. She helps women entrepreneurs run their business and life from their feminine energy so that they can magnetize more wealth, alignment and flow while impacting humanity in their unique way. Her gifts are depth, wisdom and practical leadership and with these, she leads her clients to have a soul-led business and life.








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