Dr. Jane Greer

Dr. Jane Greer


Wow! We talked about real life examples of marriages who complain… what about me? about how to heal after betrayal, how to talk about getting your needs met in the bedroom… so many solid nuggets of how to make your relationship thrive. One of her insights about apologizing after betraying someone stopped me in my tracks. Brilliant. We agree that all relationships take work… just like a plant needs water, sunshine, fertilizer and the odd pruning, same with relationships. And if you don’t work on the marriage, you’ll have to work on the divorce, on dating and on relationships AGAIN! So you might as well sink your teeth in and savor the growth of this one and give it all you’ve got. You’ll LOVE this candid practical and inspiring conversation! xoxo


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Meet Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane Greer is a Marriage and Family Therapist, sex expert, author of five books including What About Me, Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship; How Could You Do This To Me? Learning To Trust After Betrayal, radio host of the Doctor On Call hour featuring Pop Psych, Let’s Talk Sex, and ” SHRINK WRAP,” which she is the creator of The popular celebrity relationship commentary and show on what we can learn from the trials and triumphs of celebrity relationships. Dr. Greer is recognized as a leading national expert in sex, love, and relationships.








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