Christian Marchegiani

Christian Marchegiani

Christian Marchegiani, the Australian HOTTIE, told us that he used to be overweight and suffered from depression and bullying. Hard to believe, right? He also told us that this caused him to be a troubled teen and ended up in court, where he was given the option of joining the Army, going to jail or taking boxing lessons. He chose boxing! Yay, because this led him to all of the amazing things that he has done, like the Anti Bullying organization ‘Underdogs’, his company THUMP, Coaching on the 9 Network’s Excess Baggage TV series, and hosting ABC Grandstand’s Live Fit radio program… And the list goes on. Holy crap! Christian shared with us that when he was younger he never had a girlfriend because he was always the ‘friend’ or ‘brother’ and didn’t have confidence because he was overweight and felt unattractive. All of that sure has changed now! Confident, well dressed, in shape, and educated! He’s so impressive… I could have kept this interview going forever, just to listen to that accent!

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Meet Christian Marchegiani

Christian Marchegiani is a strength and conditioning coach with a degree in exercise and sports science. He currently works with the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League while also training NSW and Australian cricketers in strength and fitness. Christian is the founder ofTHUMP BoxingandForce Mass Motion, which runs courses and workshops in the fields of boxing and high intensity resistance training (HIRT). You can find more information on his website,HIRT.

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