True Power Is In The Unseen with Carissa Johnsen

True Power Is In The Unseen with Carissa Johnsen


Oh how I love this woman more and more every time we connect. She’s 20 years my junior however she awakens something each time I listen to her. Timeless wisdom. Carissa shared her beautiful journey of having it all yet when asked, What do you do for fun? …she didn’t have an answer. She felt empty, her soul fractaled into pieces so she began a deep healing journey into wholeness and truth discovering what she truly wanted. We agree that true power is in the unseen, as the late Stuart Wilde called silent power. Carissa speaks in poetry and seems to channel such eloquence to express herself while letting herself be moved by my vulnerable shares. We dove deeper with stories of clients and ex lovers speaking of the evolution of soul purpose and true sensual confidence from within.

In this delicious transparent connected episode we also discussed…

-How sexual trauma created such a dichotomy between our mind and body about what true healthy sexual attraction was.

-How being more fully in our bodies allows us to track energy, connect with our intuition, channel wisdom and be that sacred witness both for ourselves and others.

-How she’s calling in her divine partner and creating her next iteration of her offerings from such an integrated delicious poetic connected space.

-How I asked if she’d please be willing to audio record her incredible poetry and channelings because I believe her voice resonates in multi dimensions and moves me deeply.




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Meet Carissa

Carissa Johnsen is a Spiritual Leadership Advisor, Spiritual Guide, Certified Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner, Transformational Speaker and Executive Producer. She helps high-level professionals achieve wholeness and health on all levels by merging ancient wisdom and modern technology. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, is a trained Medium, and Shamanic Healer with over 7 years of experience in the field of human behavior, energy healing, leadership coaching and business consulting. She is passionate about health, leadership and performance through the lens of merging science and spirituality and works with elite professionals and public figures. She has spoken alongside Dr. Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond and Dr. John Demartini. Carissa has co-produced, as well as co-hosted, events that featured Les Brown, Kevin Harrington and Sharon Lechter. She has also been featured in media publications such as, The Los Angeles Tribune, Thrive Global, VoyagerLA, and Goss Magazine.





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