Candid Confessions: Heroically Humbled and Happy Being ME.

Candid Confessions: Heroically Humbled and Happy Being ME.


Vulnerability is like peeling an onion, sharing stories of how self forgiveness awakened self-worth so that self-love flowed through my being.

I told of when I was 13 coming home from a student trip to the Mediterranean with presents for everyone but nothing for myself. I told of bat shit crazy negotiations with my second husband based on fear of his wrath. I told of stories as recently as a few days ago being lifted into possibility by my girlfriend’s helping shift my point of view around the state of my restructured business. And I shared the joy that my self love is at an all time high given the power of the psychedelic somatic integration work added to my 20 years of quantum psychology spiritual technology work as an intimacy expert. Damn I’m humbled, grateful and so alive.

In this solo episode I also shared…

-How we’re ascending from being selfish or selfless into self-FIRST-ness, a term I learned by reading the book 5D human by Andie SantoPietro.

-How integrating the wounds around the criminal assault will energetically pave the way for Justice to prevail.

-How my equine body-mind-spirit facilitator helped me to stop apologizing for my existence, take up space, and pour mercy into my heart.

-How my capacity has deepened to set people free in my VIP psychedelic somatic integration work so they can stop repelling the love, intimacy and connection they deserve.

If you’re ready to trust yourself, live without apology, splay your heart wide open, follow its truth and be free… Then let’s connect for an Intimacy Breakthrough Experience.

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