Brotha James

Brotha James

Brotha James loves words, he’s gifted with choosing inspiring words that create the lives we choose. He’s potently aware of the power of music and how shifting our thoughts literally creates a new reality. I love his passion for music, for kids, for parents and families. His commitment to his own family and appreciation for his roots is inspiring. Brotha James wasn’t always ‘Brotha James’ and his brave bold commitment to living his truth will inspire you to live yours. I’m sure you’ll become an instant fan like I did… beginning your day with songs like Grateful… Evolve… Slow Down or Shake It! There’s a song for every mood to take you from good to great to glorious!
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Meet Brotha James

A solo performer who does live looping: layering sounds through the magic of technology to create a full band effect. He isn’t the only performer out there doing this, but he has taken the technique and made it his own. His positive energy is contagious and his enthusiasm for creating, playing and performing helps him engage audiences of all ages.
His lyrics speak to being a dreamer, following the passion for what makes one happy, showing gratitude for simple things, and holding on to the moments that are filled with joy.
Whether performing at a small club, entertaining at a private party, or taking the stage in a stadium, playing music for brotha James is not just a job; it is his passion, his calling, his reason for being.
You can learn more about what Brotha James has to offer here.

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