Blake Worrall Thompson – Debunking Loneliness to Design a Fulfilling Life

Blake Worrall Thompson – Debunking Loneliness to Design a Fulfilling Life


Talk about a rich, juicy, vulnerable, connected, authentic call with a brother from another mother on the other side of the globe. What a blessing, honor and privilege to receive Blake’s transparent share of his recent reconfiguration and rebirth. What a reminder of the importance of surrounding ourselves with non judgmental beings who see us and give us a sense of warmth. What a statement of the evolution of humanity talking about the gifts that psychedelics can bring our growth and embodiment. And what a poignant conversation about the new paradigm of conscious transparent leadership as coaches. I think you’ll listen to this one a few times over, I know I will 🙂

We also discussed…

-The desires to go into the shadows with our clients and our lovers

-How to honor the cocoon our body, mind and spirit requires when we go through rebirthing transformations

-How plant medicines used with intention can be such powerful appreciated allies


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Meet Blake

He’s a lifestyle and mindset coach based in Byron Bay, Australia. Having spent the last 17yrs in the coaching space studying a diverse range of modalities in ‘human behaviour’, Blake’s unique and innovative coaching style is a catalyst for helping his clients collapse time and transform from where they are to where they want to be. Having spent years studying in areas such as NLP, breathwork, relationships, hypnosis to name a few, Blake helps people free themselves of limiting conditions to live a fulfilling and successful ‘Life By Design’. Blake’s open-minded approach allows him to delve into areas many are afraid of which brings with it its own insights, methods and learnings to go with his radically honest approach.







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