Betsy Chasse

Betsy Chasse


Betsy just makes you want to be your most authentic exposed badass deliciously brave irreverent self. Being around her gives you permission to be exactly who you are without any apology. Her wisdom with which she create sacred ritual every morning, as a natural practice, not trying to be woo woo… inspires us all to slow down and savor life, girlfriends, authentic connection.

She’s so deep yet down to earth, showing us how like a glorious blossoming rose we all rise from the dirt, the Earth, rising from the darkness. Her book Killing Buddha is one you should pick up immediately and have a fucking great laugh and be inspired to be your truth, speak your truth, live your truth, give your truth. I adore this woman and you will too. She’s a catalyst to awaken you. Let her.

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Meet Betsy

Betsy Chasse is an award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author most notable as the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of the hit Indie film What The Bleep Do We Know?! and her book Tipping Sacred Cows(Atria/Simon& Schuster)
She also produced Song of The New Earthand Radical Dating, Pregnant In Americaand many other award-winning films. Her latest book, The Documentary Filmmaking Mastermind, published by Allworth Press, became an Amazon best-seller.
She is part of the team launching a new conscious media platform Cgood.TV (Founded by Trina Wyatt, founder of the Tribeca Film Festival) and is producing a multi-part series C The Goodfeaturing Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Temple Hayes, Sister Jenna and many more
She has written for multiple national magazines as well as major regional magazines and online sites such as Mantra Magazine, Huffington Post, LA Yoga, Modern Momand Yahoo Shine. She has appeared on many local affiliate morning shows and thousands of radio and podcast programs.


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