From Death Portals to BEQOMING with Benjamin & Azrya Bequer

From Death Portals to BEQOMING with Benjamin & Azrya Bequer


On the other side of death is truth… that quote is literally tattooed on Azrya’s arm. Indeed the only way through is through. This couple’s story of their relationship and how they are willing to feel everything from devastation to rapture… is breathtaking. Talking about anxiety and how that fear paralyzes intimacy, this couple has the ugly cries. Yet they’re willing to lean in and take ownership to the point of being curious even about conflict, such that they never fight although they might disagree. They even went through two death portals during their relationship where they thought it would literally end, yet their willingness to never hinder each other’s fullest self expression or block who they were designed to be…. gave them the courage to fully let go into the unknown… and unexpected miracles unfolded each time. Completely delicious… and a reminder when we become the one and find the one, we need to still keep beQoming.

In this glorious conversation we also discussed…

-What Ayahuasca is and the benefits to their evolution personally and as a couple

-How developing allowance created space for the other to feel freedom and flourish

-How learning to surrender and let energy steer the ship, created surrendered rapturous sexual ecstasy



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Meet Benjamin and Azrya

Azrya and Benjamin Bequer are the co-founding stewards of BEQOMING, an ecosystem designed to empower people to unlock who they were designed to be through facilitating transformational retreats and processes, curating community, and sharing inspirational media. Their mission is to unite and activate an ecosystem of purpose-driven pioneers in service to creating ROI (Ripple of Impact).





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