Angie Robertson

Angie Robertson


We had so much fun talking about our kids, parenting through asking questions, being unattached and being that safe space for them to tell the truth without judgment… AND that it’s a work in progress. Angie shared of her journey in her marriage creating promises to herself to nurture and come from fullness inviting date night, sexy time, vulnerable communication. She shared the power of creating dreams, asking why is that choice meaningful, getting to the root feeling of what the dream is calling forth. She spoke of befriending our dark side, releasing shame and caring about another as much as you care about yourself as the way she defines Love. We spoke of the power of humor as we heal instead of judging the behaviors that aren’t nurturing us. And we spoke of the courage it takes to know, HEY! I Deserve This!… the bravery of giving yourself permission to live your dream, have your dream, receive your dream and the softness of allowing it to look different than you imagined. You will love this conversation of one woman’s journey and the power of the Handel Group Method to her life, family, business and dreams.


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Meet Angie

Angie is a Senior Coach at Handel Group, where she works one-on-one with clients and teaches The Handel Method at workshops and events. She loves spreading the reach of the Method, which she has been learning from and implementing in her own life since becoming a client in 2008.Originally from Louisiana, Angie has a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Laws from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. Angie is passionate about helping individuals and couples close the gap between their dreams and their current realities. As a Handel Group client, she herself discovered her dream of using her law degree to help nonprofits, something she still does in her spare time. She also realized her dream of helping people fulfill their career and life dreams through her work as a Coach with HG. Angie is happily married and lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, two daughters and Dachshund.








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