Alex Cormont

Alex Cormont

What a delight to speak with such a huge YouTube sensation from Love Advice TV.

I’m such a sucker for a French Accent.

It was wonderful to learn how he tells women to NOT try to find love, just to socialize… such like minded thinking like my book, Finding The One Is Bullsh*t!

He brings up a good point about putting all your eggs in one basket… and although we have two different angles about self confidence… we both ended up at the same place.

He shares some intimate details about his personal life, his losses, his dreams, his delights and even his frustrations.

His ‘baby’ is his community, he loves his followers and works very hard to serve them… and learn English!

You will enjoy this chat between two experts who learn from one another and support our cherished communities.

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Meet Alex Cormont

Alex Cormont is the leading love coach in France and Europe. He has dedicated his life to helping men and women overcome some of the most difficult and challenging periods of their lives. Whether dealing with a separation, lack of self-confidence, or infidelity, Alex’s passion for helping his clients find love and happiness is unmatched by anyone in his field. With over 750,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Alex continues his strive in his community – helping women to be happy in their relationships.

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