Alessandra Sagredo

Alessandra Sagredo


What delicious fun! Drink in some of these chapter titles of her book SoulPhoria… Flirtation with the Cosmos… Spiritual Striptease… Sublime Nakedness… you will have to listen for more! We spoke of true soul embodiment… how can we honor the body, its messages, its wisdom. And how can we do that when dealing with as Alessandra has… with brain cancer… that returned! And how do we do that when we feel shame around our sexuality? You will LOVE to hear her story of how she met her husband… and the flow with which they navigate sexuality, working together and more! And lastly, I love that another Intimate Conversations Guest David T Woods introduced us… BC’ers unite!


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Meet Alessandra

It is certainly not unusual to have the origin story of a book founded on overcoming challenges. Alessandra’s story, however, is quite unique as is the solution arrived at for leading a powerful, fulfilling life connected to all aspects of what is generally accepted to make the human experience, namely on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. She grew up as an adopted, ¼ black bi-sexual female mystic in a household of strict Salvation Army ministers. Leaving an abusive marriage and going through divorce and subsequent bankruptcy only to face a walnut sized inoperable tumor growing inside her brain. These are just some of things that have made her who she is today, at the age of 44, completely healthy, free and living a life of bliss. Throughout her life she’s lived a dichotomy of two worlds: one of business (as a high-level corporate consultant and successful business owner), and one of spiritual explorer, mystic and teacher. She has been privileged to touch thousands of lives over the years as a recording artist of guided meditations, a public speaker and course and retreat leader. Along the way creating a new system of approaching spirituality in a way that some have called a “paradigm shift”.








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