Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg


I want to be like Adriane when I grow up! I may not be able to match her 52 yr marriage as I’m already 52 xox, yet wow this woman is aging gracefully with spunk, sass and aliveness. She taught us so much about what makes her marriage thrive, how she makes tons of mistakes and is supported to take risks by her tall dark and handsome hubby, she reminded us about the power of exercise, omegas and ATTITUDE when it comes to longevity. Friendships and even multigenerational friendships are a must. And SEX! I love that she has a glass of wine each night and still loves a thriving sexual connection at 74. She made some key decisions at 55 that changed the trajectory of her future that you will want to hear. Check out her Podcast (I’ve been honored to be a guest) and her many books on Amazon. Enjoy!


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Meet Adriane

Adriane Berg is Host of the weekly podcast, Generation Bold, The Fountain of Truth About Aging, and author of the blog, Aging for Beginners. Adriane is a highly sought-after business development consultant and inspirational keynote speaker. Adriane’s mission is to change our concept of aging and mature life-stage to one of good health, excitement, and accomplishment.

Adriane’s many awards include

An Emmy for her T.V. work,
Best Radio Show Mature Market Winner
Women in Business Salon Award
Women of Influence New Jersey
Several National Librarian’s Awards
5-year Facilitator Acknowledgement for her work with children at Good Grief Appointment to the United States Treasury Greater New York Committee for Savings Awareness and the United Nations NGO Committee on Aging

She is a Co-Founder of N.A.E.L.A., The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
She is a member of
The AARP International Committee the United Nations NGO on Aging NYC
Pass it On Network
Life Planning Network Author, Podcaster, and Blogger

Adriane is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow, awarded by the Longevity Center of Columbia University. Adriane’s books include: The Retirement Income Explosion; Have More. Spend Less. Live Better (2020) How Not to Go Broke at 102: Finding Everlasting Wealth The Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids and Their Family The Totally Awesome Business Book for Kids and Their Family Your Wealth building Years How Good Guys Grow Rich How to Stop Fighting About Money (And Make Some) MoneyThink








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