Intimate Conversations with Stacy from My Secret Luxury

Intimate Conversations with Stacy from My Secret Luxury

This week on Intimate Conversations, Stacy from My Secret Luxury will be joining the show and sharing her story of how her personal experience was the catalyst that inspired her to create a business in the “adult toy products” trade that didn’t leave customers feeling embarrassed and dirty— not in a good way— and a store that would inspire romance and intimacy.

Part of the mission statement for My Secret Luxury is: A more romantic world is a better world

  • We will inspire love, romance, and intimate moments one person at a time
  • Our products will enable you to give and get pleasure, grow love, celebrate intimacy, and introduce fun
  • We will enable you to experience an erotic renaissance through education, information, and exploration

Introducing sex toys in to a relationship can be a sensitive area. A lot of people have a set opinion of how they feel about them and often times it’s in the NO WAY category. Oh my loves, there’s nothing dirty or shameful or wrong about playing with toys when it’s done with honor and respect for yourself and your beloved.
Toys can bring a couple to a higher level of intimacy and shared pleasure and really expand the reaches of a relationship—it’s all about how you approach and look at the opportunity.
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