Intimate Conversations with Rhonda Britten

Intimate Conversations with Rhonda Britten

This week on Intimate Conversations my wonderful friend and colleague Rhonda Britten joins the show and the timing, for me, couldn’t be more perfect! Rhonda, the goddess of “Fearless Living”, is the ideal guest for me to share some exciting changes I’ve got coming up in my life. Big changes! Orgasmic changes! I can’t wait to talk to her!!

Certified Fearless Living Coaches are the only life coaches in the world that specialize in helping you process fear, the only thing that stops any of us from achieving any result we want in every area of our lives. Imagine how empowered you would feel to have no fear—- just a beautiful anticipation of what the universe has in store next!

You may have seen her on Oprah— she’s been a guest many, many times. Isn’t it glorious that we get to talk to her one on one? How does it get any better than this?!?! I invite you to join the call early and share what it is that you might be struggling with and let Rhonda help you to overcome.

Please sign up for this series at Intimate Conversations LIVE, and let’s get INTIMATE!!

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