Intimate Conversations with Karen Brody

Intimate Conversations with Karen Brody

This week on Intimate Conversations, Intimacy Expert Karen Brody joins the show. Karen focuses on men and you all know how I LOVE men so it’s going to be great to hear the work she does as she helps men come in to their own masculine powers. She has a new book coming out that really goes in depth about the 7 Masculine Powers of men. You can see more about Karen and her delicious book here:

As Karen puts it ”Women have a whole host of hidden, unspoken wishes and desires that only the right kind of thinking and action can unlock.A man who has a true map of a woman’s emotional and sexual inner landscape,can unleash a woman’s pleasure and her desire, and inspire from his woman the kind of deeply satisfying interaction he wants.”

YES! YES! YES!!! That’s what we women want—- men who can unlock our deepest and truest selves so we can shine our radiance all over the place and honor and support our beloved.

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