Intimate Conversations with Sheila Kelley

Thanksgiving makes us ponder on the things we are grateful for. And as a woman, I am thankful to Sheila Kelley and her S Factor, for inspiring me with her stand – the awakening and shining of the erotic creature within, bringing us back to our radiance! Sheila discovered that there are physical and emotional benefits to pole dancing. Her classes offered uninhibited feminine movement without the taboo of shame or judgment.  It’s popularity reached new heights as Sheila and her celebrity clients boasted the benefits of the S Factor methods on national broadcasts.  Sheila Kelley is widely regarded as an authority on female empowerment as she tirelessly campaigns on behalf of all women unearthing their eroticism, beauty, potential and power.

I prerecorded an inspiring, hot, REVEALING interview with none other than the amazing Sheila Kelley of S Factor pole dancing for you! I was deeply enthused by her insights on eroticism, awakening, and radiance that can literally heal the world! Let’s all feel empowered as we watch this 3-part series we’ve prepared for all of you. Please sign up for this series at, and join us Thursday for this great call!

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