Intimate Conversations Live with Anthony Ogley

The interview between this week’s Intimate Conversations LIVE guest, Anthony Ogley, and I is bound to be delicious. It’s bound to go where no man or woman has gone before. I can already tell! And I’m so grateful that someone is so willing to be as ALIVE as Anthony is, it’s wild. I love him already. It’s so amazing to me to think that here I am in in LA talking to someone, who is all the way in London yet about something that is so alive within both of us. And also within you.

Anthony Ogley is a Transformational Guide, Storyteller, Holistic Soul Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Tantsu bodywork practitioner from London. (I love his accent, his charm and depth!)

His work penetrates deeply into the roots of our sacred relationship with life in all its forms. To explore the connection between the wildness of nature, the mythic landscape of stories and our human potential to live with wide open hearts as juicy, raw and creative beings of joy.

Anthony wants to take us through a profound exercise that will reveal something magical for you… I can’t wait! Oh, also he is hosting a FREE teleseummit called Gifts of a Wild Heart  which will feature interviews with experts from all spectrums (including yours truly 😉 You simply must check it out! Just visit: and register!

So, if you are ready to step into your unique pathway of peace, power and potential, then join us this Thursday at 4pm (PDT) on Intimate Conversations Live! AND join us for Gifts of a Wild Heart!

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