Intimate Conversations Highlights with Yasmin Vorajee

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Yasmin Vorajee

What an inspiring conversation last night with Yasmin Vorajee who stayed up till midnight to connect with us from Ireland! She just has the best “anything is possible” energy!

Learn about Ruby Shoes and how to give yourself the power to rock:

Check out the replay at Intimate Conversations Live and discover the power of laughing at your circumstances and always keeping the reason for what you’re doing in the forefront!

Check out Yasmin’s bio below!

Yasmin is an accomplished and passionate coach for women leaders and entrepreneurs. With over a decade of education and experience in the field of people and leadership development, Yasmin is a powerful advocate for women to lead more.
From her own upbringing in an Indian-Muslim home, Yasmin has always felt a profound pull to create and craft her own destiny rather than let others decide for her. Yasmin loves to challenge the status quo and re-write the rules!
Yasmin serves women leaders and entrepreneurs by empowering them to awaken the brilliance within them, their team and their business. Yasmin believes when you lead a business, you have a mission and you cannot do it alone…you must harness the power and passion of others and Yasmin helps her clients do this in a way that is authentic, skillful and inspiring.
Yasmin loves dancing and shiny things and she likens this ‘leadership dance’ as uncovering your “Ruby Shoes” (think Wizard of Oz) which represent the power within you – your aspirations, inner strength and determination. Yasmin helps her clients discover what it is they truly wish to create and she empowers them to step into their personal power to make it happen through others. No-one can do it alone. The end goal is to help every woman dance in their Ruby Shoes with confidence and spirit.
Yasmin’s clients describe working with her as ‘eye-opening’, ‘the rocket I needed’ and ‘inspirational’, providing them with the clarity and perspective they are looking for and feeling so inspired and motivated that they can move mountains. Yasmin is married to Colm and they live in the northwest of Ireland with their two small & very adorable children.

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