Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Stacy from My Secret Luxury

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Stacy from My Secret Luxury

Hello my glorious, adventurous and Intimate friends!!! This week on Intimate Conversations was such fun as we talked with Stacy Rybchin from My Secret Luxury. Stacy is the founder of an unique, best of the best, body safe Adult Sex Toy Store.

Stacy’s journey began when she and her husband, feeling adventurous, went in to a sex toy store to do some browsing for some fresh ideas for intimacy in their marriage. It was a definite eye opening experience and they soon exited the store feeling dirty and embarrassed.

After an extensive search online, Stacy discovered there really wasn’t a store that offered the products and service experience for people like she and her husband. One year later, My Secret Luxury was founded.

Oh my loves, this was a fantastic conversation that talked about sex toys as a tool for intimacy, connecting, LOVE, and relationship— both with yourself and with your beloved.

If you missed the interview, please find some time to listen and open your heart and mind to the possibilities that are available to you in this fun, fun, fun area! Stacy generously brought a special offer to the Intimate Conversations audience, just use special code ALLANA 10 to receive a 10% discount on any purchase. Go Play!!!

stacy-rybchin-2Stacy Rybchin is a sex toy expert and the Founder & Chief Curator of My Secret Luxury™. After one fateful night in New York City, she foundedMy Secret Luxury™to celebrate the unique passions of every person. After realizing that all other stores carried thousands of products — from low-end to high-end, she created a store that carries a curated selection of only the best high quality body-safe adult toys that embody style, design and functionality. The mission ofMy Secret Luxury™is to inspire love, romance, and intimate moments one satisfied customer at a time through high quality sex toys and sex accessories, which provide the occasion to give and get pleasure, grow love, celebrate intimacy, and introduce fun.>

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