Intimate Conversations Highlights with Polina Solda

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Polina Solda

Polina Solda is sexy, soulful, and down right awesome woman. She shows us how to make sure that people, especially your potential soulmate, see the real you! Polina and I have spoken on these topics in the past, so we were able to dive deeper and get even more vulnerable this time!

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, Polina teaches how to show confidence on both the inside and the outside, while acting like you “already have him.” You won’t want to miss this one. Please don’t forget to take advantage of her special offer at
polina_soldaYou can learn more about Polina in her bio below.

Recognized as a Dating & Relationship expert by the coaching industry, author of the Date with a S. M. I. L. E. Formula book and founder of Find Love and Keep It, Polina Solda helps women who are ready and committed to find love and get into a relationship with the right man.

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia and relocated to the U.S. in her early twenties, Polina uniquely combines her Russian practi-cality and realism with her American freedom to choose and cre-ate possibilities in love life and beyond.

She was married in her 20s, divorced and moved to New York City. Using her own experience of being single and dating in NYC by going on 100+ dates in less than a year till she met her husband, Polina created proven to work formula for sin-gle women that helps them achieve immediate results in their love life and beyond.

According to some of her coaching clients, “Polina Solda is the undisputed expert on how to date with a S.M.I.L.E. all the way till you find the right guy!!”

Going through a roller coaster of being single, married, di-vorced, dating a lot and getting married again, Polina genu-inely understands what it’s like to go through things that her clients are dealing with.

Polina’s mission is to help thousands of women who are ready and committed to find the right man and get into a happy, lasting relationship. She is fully committed to her cli-ents’ success and getting the best results in their love life and beyond.

In her coaching, speaking and writing, Polina brings a unique and valuable perspective on how to help single women overcome their challenges, get into inspired action and achieve great results in dating, love and relationships.

Polina has developed and leads love life transforming programs “Find Love and Keep it”, “Diamond Circle” and “Fast Track to Find the Right Man” that help single women from around the world become more confident,find and attract the right man, fall in love and create a loving and committed relationship that lasts.

Women completing her programs get over painful breakups, find love and get into ex-clusive relationships with commitment-oriented men who have similar values and future goals. Her clients walk away not only with sustainable results they wanted to achieve but also the mindset, skills and actionable strategies that serve them for the rest of their lives.

Polina has been professionally trained and certified at Coach U, earned her Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Feder-ation, has trained at Rapid Coaching Academy and became a certified Rapid Results Coach as well as a certified Extraordinary Coach.

Prior to coaching, Polina lived in Washington, DC and worked for over 8 years in the field of international development in multiple countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at John Snow, Inc. and consulting at the United Nations Development Programme in New York City.

Polina has a Master of Public Administration in International Management from New York University, Wagner School Of Public Service and a Master of Arts in Education from Moscow City University. She was awarded scholarships for both. A lifelong learner, Polina has invested over 17 years in the field of personal develop-ment and continues to add value to her clients through ongoing self-growth training.

She resides with her family in Manhattan. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, going out, writing, reading, boating, snowboarding, kiteboarding and yoga.

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