Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Omarian Atman

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Omarian Atman

Hello my Loves!! This week on Intimate Conversations Omarian Atman was on the show and I have to say— I love this man!!! He is such a powerful riverbank of support and light and love. For the first half of the show Omarian talked about the energy of light and sound that every living being has. All of us!! We ARE light. We ARE energy. We ARE love.

For the second half of the show I opened up about current challenges in my life and Omarian helped me through my vulnerability to embrace the excitement of what’s ahead. Yes, I’m excited about it! Wow!

It all comes down to Legacy Astrology: Where you discover; based on your birthdate; what you were designed for, what your biggest wound is and how being able to work through it is one of your biggest gifts to offer the planet. Legacy Astrology is a way to discover what nurtures you to the core of your core. It’s a way to truly know yourself and the best way to take care of yourself and really find true joy.

Please check out Omarian’s website and if his work resonates with you, reach out to him.

Omarian Atman fashioned his career from skills derived from his highly talented and very diverse parents. His mother is a Medical Dr. educated at Harvard, now in the Pacific Side of America and his father is an artist and musician who attended the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, obtained a master’s degree in art, and performed as a musician on Broadway in the 1980’s. Originally from Jamaica, they came to the U.S. without resources, seeking the “American dream” and found it through persistence and hard work and joyous creative willpower.
Their son Omarian founder of Acu Light Wellness™, was born in the city and state Providence was primarily raised on both the East and West coasts of the united states of America. With an early exposure to art, music and biology he began taking art courses while self studying the works of Carl Sagan at age nine. Later honing his skills as a painter, graphic artist and web designer while learning the secrets of Color and Light therapies from the historic teachings of the fathers and mothers of Light and health research. After trying several corporate jobs through his mid twenties and noting that “traditional work never appealed to me,” he began selling bronze sculptures by world class artists online. While he made a good living, Atman felt something was missing in his life. Like his mother, he always had a desire and aptitude and a keen interest in the healing arts. Intuitively, art and health and the cosmos were fused in his mind and he began the exploration of light, particularly the theory of Color and Light Optics and its effects on our health.
For over a decade Omarian has studied electromagnetic therapies and other health modalities including Medical Astrology and Telemetric healing. His intention was to unlock the psychological, emotional and physical triggers in people’s unconscious and conscious awareness that contributed to physical illnesses, bring release to them and redirect the flow of energy in ones mind, heart, body, soul and spirit to be in alignment together. Creating a disease free way of health while empowering people to understand that it all comes from within for the miracle of health to take place.
Being a gifted medical intuitive he correlated his gifts and has studied from the works of many masters of Light and has found the work Dr. Mandel to be cutting-edge in the field of Quantum Light Therapy of our time; a body of work that Mandel showed to have profound implications on our health. Atman graduated from Mandel’s Institute of Esogetics and is now based within the Southern California area.
Omarian Says:
“I love what I do because I feel like I’m bridging the gap between two worlds. The revolutionary concept of color and light as healing energy has been around for thousands of years. Yet this antiquated concept is almost sci-fi; on the cutting edge of healthcare. Nevertheless, This technology will be mainstream in only a few more years. I love explaining the concept to people, because it allows them to envision a different relationship to their health, the thin veil between their minds and their bodies. Light and energy heals the body. Did I say Light? I meant Love. Oh wait it’s the same thing isn’t it? HA HA HAAA!!!”
Expanding his concept of Light-bearing therapy, Atman now has two divisions to his consulting world mission. His group offers both individualized and remote sessions to enhance people’s health in their office located in Laguna Beach California. The other division is responsible for research and designing Mercury-free energy efficient lighting installs in homes and offices. This adds a measurable increase in productivity in office environments, not to mention harmonic social balance in family dwellings, aiding in physical and mental health while saving a bundle in energy costs.
“This profession requires a high degree of complex technical and intuitive understand of all of the nuances of light and color therapy, says Atman. I am fortunate that I was gifted a tremendous amount of Love, Wisdom and Will power from my mother and father. I am forever grateful to them and the skills that came from their beings, which helps me to understand my client’s physical and psychological needs as a Medical Intuitive. I never realized the benefits of my what my mother and father each gave me until I started delving into this way of life.”

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