Intimate Conversations Highlights with Iris Benrubi

Iris Benrubi is a phenomenal woman with an amazing and inspiring story to tell. She teaches souls how to be comfortable with who they are and live the life they choose to live.

This week on Intimate Conversations, Iris talks about questions like Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life? How can I find it?  So please take some time to listen to the interview and get intimate with us!  You can take advantage of a special offer as well at

You can learn more about Iris in her bio below.

smileagainstvine (1)Iris Benrubi is the founder and president of Simply Success. Iris coaches High Achievers who have all the outward markings of success but whose happiness gauge is on empty. Having lived in North America, Europe and the Middle East, and speaking several languages, Iris brings a global perspective to her coaching. Iris brings to her coaching a varied and diverse background that enhances her ability to gauge her clients’ needs and assist them to create what they are committed to in their lives.

Iris has owned and operated 4 businesses over her 24 years as an entrepreneur including direct sales, real estate and director of a club, counseling and life coaching. In 1983, she graduated with a BA in Physical Education and in 1998, graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Her education and training, enhanced by her natural ability, Iris is able to get to the crux of her clients’ limiting beliefs and enable them to create healthy empowering beliefs that support them in creating the life and career they dream of. Her passion is seeing her coaching clients create freedom, happiness and success in their own lives.

Iris is involved in numerous professional organizations including the International Coach Federation, the Markham Board of Trade and the Ontario Association of Coaches, Consultants, Psychotherapists and Psychometrists.

Iris has travelled in 24 countries and backpacks yearly with her children through South America. She is a member of Servas, a Global Community of Peace Seekers. In 2005, she organized a walk for peace called “Peace in the Holyland for the Children of Tomorrow”. When she isn’t travelling, Iris she enjoys riding her motorcycle, dancing salsa and reading. Her passions include drawing and painting, learning about people, their cultures and values and improving her Spanish.


  1. Iris i do watch your videos all the time,i do listen to your wonderful sensitiv voice
    and you are so much right about your tellings.
    i listened to diffrent videos from other persons,but you are for me outstanding
    you are the best what could happen to me
    with love

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