Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Cija Black

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Cija Black

Hello my loves!! Yesterday’s Intimate Conversations show with Cija Black, author of Modern Love- The Grownups Guide to Relationships and Online Dating, was fantastic!! Cija has been in the trenches of online dating and shared all sorts of tips for how to have success with online personals and how to stay safe and aware. AND—- she just recently got engaged!!! Congratulations! Real results right there baby!!

You can get a copy of Cija’s book right here: And, being the kind and accommodating goddess that she is, she has it available in Kindle, PDF and Paperback. Yay!!!

I LOVED her book and even wrote a review for her to use on her site:

Cija’s wit won me over right away. Her titles make diving into the dating adventure joyous. I especially like her guidance in reviewing the lessons learned on dates! What a powerful concept that keeps us OUT of our spinning mind and IN our awareness for red flags. She empowers you to know you are stronger than you think you are and to not prolong anything that’s not working. And if you’re honestly not that strong yet, the first half of the book helps you clear away emotional baggage. And she walks her talk.

Cija also told us about her BRAND NEW online course that goes great with the first chapter of her book. It’s calledSorting Your Love Baggage on Udemy and you can hear more about it by listening to the call in Intimate Conversations Archives.

Cija Black

Cija Black is the author of MODERN LOVE: The Grownup’s Guide to Relationships & Online Dating. She is an empowering Portland, Oregon writer, blogger, online educator and speaker devoted to showing people that happiness is not as hard to achieve as they might think.
Her dating and relationship expertise comes from 20 years of in-thetrenches experience safely using personals both on and off line.
Cija is dedicated to helping people sort their relationship baggage, find real love and take responsibility for their own happiness. She is committed to bringing clarity to situations that previously seemed like a massive tangle of misunderstanding and frustration.>

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