Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Christine Arylo

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Christine Arylo

This week, Christine Arylo joined Intimate Conversations and totally moved and inspired me. I absolutely want MORE of Christine in my life. She is a total rock star!! We had a conversation that left me completely splayed wide open in LOVE as she opened up about some recent events that she hasn’t even shared with her own community yet.

OMG what a glorious conversation about loving ME before WE and choosing love no matter what the circumstance. You will be changed by her story. I promise.

AND—– she generously brought an offer for you to embark on your own moments of splayed wide open in total LOVE. Choosing ME before WE: 40 Days to Creating the Happiest, Most Loving Relationships of your Life.
Over the course of these 40-days, you will REWIRE PATTERNS… LET GO OF OLD HABITS… TRANSFORM LOVE-REPELLING BELIEFS… CLEANSE YOUR CELLS FROM ANYTHING THAT ISN’T LOVE… and you will emerge from this 40-day container more open to love than you might have ever expected.

Listen now and join her for 40 days and bathe in love in every area of your life. http://www.IntimateConversationsLIVE.comchristinearylo-150x1501

Christine Arylo is a transformational teacher, internationally recognized speaker and best-selling author of the official self-love guidebook, Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend. After earning her MBA from Kellogg and climbing the corporate ladder for fifteen years, she chose to devote her life to creating a new reality for women and girls, one based on self-love and true feminine power instead of the relentless pursuit of having to do, be and have it all.

A recovering achievement junkie and doing addict, Christine left her cushy executive lifestyle in 2006 to found an international self-love movement, author the go-to book on love and relationships, Choosing ME before WE, co-found a virtual self-love school for women, Inner Mean Girl Reform School, and mentor others. Her dedication earned her the affectionate title, ‘The Queen of Self-Love.’
Christine has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, WGN, E!, in the Huffington Post, Beliefnet, the Daily Love, and on the radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world, including TEDx. She normally lives in Northern California with her soul partner, Noah, but for 2013 has gone nomadic, embarking on a U.S. tour they call the TEAM LOVE TOUR 2013.
To find out more about Christine, including how to receive her weekly Love Letters, go Christine’s self-love movement go
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