Intimate Conversations Highlights with Chad Amsel

Chad Amsel is an exceptionally amazing and intellectual being.  He has personally helped me gain clarity with my life and is ready to help you as well.  If your heart is ready to listen, then this is a call you will not want to miss.

This week on Intimate Conversations, Chad walks us through examples from the funny end of the spectrum to the depths of who we are.  So please take some time to listen to the interview and get intimate with us!

You can learn more about Chad in his bio below.
Allana-Chad-Promo2Chad Amsel, re-knowned Success Coach and Founder of Free Your Mind Method, has developed and practiced each of these methods extensively over the past decade to not only heal his own life, but the lives of others around him. His own empowering and positive philosophy was forged not long after a horrible car accident as a grad student attending UCLA, where he suffered severe brain trauma, loss of motor function, and obtained massive financial debt. After selling nearly everything he owned in order to
survive, he scrounged enough money to attend a small spiritual retreat where he surrendered to defeat and experienced a deep spiritual awakening.  It was during this epiphany that he realized true happiness stems from letting go of wanting to control your life. He began to view the world differently and endlessly studied neuroscience, psychology, and the science
of success in an effort to create the methods we now use at Free Your Mind.  Chad continues to coach clients from all over the world and host seminars on how to achieve true happiness and reach ones fullest potential.

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