Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Angela Wilkinson

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Angela Wilkinson

I had such a glorious time talking with Angela Wilkinson on Intimate Conversations! After spending time with the Great Redwoods and connecting with nature and spending time reflecting on my journey and the importance of listening to my heart, it really made for a powerful conversation with Angela.

We got deep in to the importance of going in to self and really listening to what’s being said. Until we do that, we don’t have a clear understand of what’s really true for ourselves and our actions and decisions up until that point are just “spinning wheels”. Oh my loves, what a glorious feeling to get out of our heads and in to our hearts and stop that frustrating spinning!!!

Angela, The Goddess Next Door, is the founder of the Secret Goddess Society and has a great offer for you to check out the society and start your journey to STOP THE SPINNING!!

Be sure to check out the interview and I’d love to hear your comments about the show! xoxo!!

AW-166BW1Angela Wilkinson is the CEO & Founder of Secret Goddess Society and The Goddess Next Door.
Some interesting facts about Angela:

  • I use to be a strong controlling alpha female, now transformed and living a Goddess lifestyle
  • I am a trained Psychotherapist
  • I am a certified Transformational Life Coach
  • My first business was as a Professional Organizer at age 22
  • I have 2 dogs, both rescues, Chloe 14 & Colby 5
  • I raised a litter of puppies from birth to adoption
  • I’m trained in Advanced Shamanic Healing
  • I’ve participated in 2 vision quests (4 days, alone in nature, minus food)
  • I love crystals
  • I am an Aries
  • I sold sex toys for six years and was top in sales for 2 of those years.
  • MAC makeup is my drug of choice.
  • In October 2009 I moved from the West Coast (Portland, OR) to the East Coast (Just outside NYC) following my intuition in 1.5 months.
  • I manifest random things like free vacations, $500 shopping spree, being laid off from work on the exact day I wanted to be.
  • I help women transform their alpha (masculine) energy into Goddess (feminine essence).
  • Over the years I’ve experienced deep love and loss, however these experiences have deepened my understanding of the complexities of relationships and has inspired the work I do specifically to help women embody their inner feminine.

For more juicy insider info you can read my storyhereor about my professional backgroundhere.

About the Society

Our Mission

Secret Goddess Society supports women through the process of becoming more authentic, living in alignment with an inspired, sensual, pleasurable life with a global online and live community where authenticity, connection and collaboration are at the core supporting the rising feminine energy.

Our Vision

A global interactive community that provides women a place to connect, learn, support and inspire each other. The Secret Goddess Society community offers members and experts a platform to share experiences for the purpose to educate, inspire and encourage each other in becoming their authentic, best self and re-fuel their spirit. The online and live community provides a space to reconnect, rejuvenate and grow.

Our Purpose

Secret Goddess Society provides a unique community for women seeking more fulfillment, connection and meaning from life and who desires relationships with those who are on a similar path of personal and spiritual growth. It allows community members to explore their life and gain support to find and follow the path they are called to.

Our Core Principles

The following give you a sense of what the Secret Goddess Society is about. These are the principles that guide us in leading the society.

  • Integrity– being and acting in alignment with your greatest desires
  • Authenticity– being YOURSELF, as fully as you can
  • Divine Feminine– the purest form of feminine essence
  • Inspiration– sharing for the purpose of uplifting others
  • Spiritual– your personal connection to Source, Universe, God
  • Sensual Living– surrounding oneself with beauty
  • Pleasure– finding pleasure in daily life
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