Intimate Conversations ~ Highlights with Andrea Albright

Intimate Conversations ~ Highlights with Andrea Albright

Andrea Albright is a TRUE soul sister! I learned so much from a woman who cares so deeply about herself, her body, her entire being that it was purely inspirational. Andrea is a woman that understands the concept of “Walking Your Talk”! Hope you were there to bask in the beauty and deliciousness. If you missed this call don’t worry, just go to


Andrea AlbrightBorn with the “fat-storing genes” that make you gain weight very easily, Andréa went on her first diet when she was just seventeen years old after learning about the latest “celebrity diet craze” from a tabloid magazine.

She quickly became hooked on diet pills and obsessed with weight loss programs where counting calories, scale addiction, and chemical-filled diet foods ruled her life. Even though she was studying Pre-Med in College, and she knew LOTS of science and facts about the human body, inside of her mind, she was at war with her own.

She blamed her body for all her problems in life – when a boyfriend broke up with her, or when she couldn’t button up her pants after her latest rebound weight loss relapse… the image in the mirror got uglier and uglier, and her belly pouch and thigh fat ballooned bigger and bigger. She had almost given up hope on ever having a body that she liked, when she accidentally discovered a natural and LOVING approach to taking care of her body that changed everything.

Her obsession with dieting turned into an obsession with HEALTH. She threw out the diet foods, went through diet pill withdrawals, and learned the natural ways to turn OFF that “fat-storing” switch, and tell your body to drop the fat while you keep the muscle so you get leaner and tighter year after year. And this time, unlike all the dieting gimmicks that she has tested before and never lasted… this time it stuck!

She created the Amazing Body Now website in October 2006 in order to share these secrets that she discovered, and since then she’s been teaching these 4 natural weight loss secrets to tens of thousands of raving fans around the world.

With thousands of success stories, including her own sister who has lost over 80 pounds on the program, this natural weight loss system is catching on with people that are DONE with dieting gimmicks and weight loss scams, and looking for a proven, safe, healthy, and a 100% natural way to lose weight to make sure it lasts.

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