Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Triambika

I LOVED my interview with the sexy Triambika. She was honest about her exclusive relationship with her husband, yet they have a “mutual agreement for extracurricular activities.” We had a very soulful, vulnerable, honest conversation about what that really looks like in a real life situation with her and her husband.HOT, honest, really amazing!

Triambika has already made quite a difference in my life since our interview! After our interview I was on the set of a reality show called, “Stable Wars” on FoxSports and I had a heartfelt, sexy session with a couple, as their Intimacy Expert. So, I was thinking about her and our interview while I was coaching this couple (in their SEXY Ocean front home) and I was channeling her in the way that she teaches to “let your body say it.” Sometimes it’s difficult to say what you feel when you are eye to eye. It’s much easier to say it through movement and your body 😉 Interviewing with Triambika really supported me and reminded me all over again why I love doing this! I’m so grateful that I have the privilege of inspiring YOU!

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Make sure you check out her her bio below (See… Isn’t she Gorgeous?):

Triambika Headshot

Triambika is an internationally recognized seminar leader, professional sex and conscious intimacy coach and the founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute. As a faculty member of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and a lead facilitator of the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experiential Training, she has globally guided thousands of men and women to leading a more empowered and authentic sexual life.

Featured on the Playboy channel, Personal Life Media, Tantra Café with Laurie Handler and as a lead host and MC for the International Sex and Consciousness Conferences, Triambika is currently a newlywed spending her time on her husband’s beautiful garden in San Diego county writing her first, soon to be released book while coaching her private clients on skype and in person.

Striving to release the layers of shame she grew up with gave Triambika a foundational insight to the cultural conditioning women and men struggle with everyday. Her passion has been in successfully supporting others to transform their shadow into personal power.

Triambika also offers practitioner training for sexual healers and women’s sensual empowerment courses throughout the United States, Australia and Europe. A natural facilitator, she brings her depth, intuition, passion and magnetism to her work. Harnessing her extensive training and practice with the time-honored tradition of Tantra, human sexuality, non-dual spirituality, masculine and feminine dynamics, NLP, and body-based modalities including yogic therapy, bodywork, she helps her clients to reach authentic sexual freedom and to form fulfilling relationships that support the highest expression of who they are. Guided by her resolute purpose to provide intelligent, accessible and unforgettable education, she is enthusiastically committed to coaching with compassion, fun and individualized attention.

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