Intimate Conversations ~ Highlights with Patty Alfonso

Intimate Conversations ~ Highlights with Patty Alfonso

You know that amazingly powerful post-sex feeling? How satisfying, sensual and freeing it is? That’s the feeling you’ll get after listening to this incredible interview with Patty Alfonso!

In this week’s Intimate Conversations, Patty reminds us how freeing and healing it is to embrace our most sexual selves, celebrating our bodies, our sensuality and our individuality. She reveals what a gift it is for us and our partners when we’re truly able to completely express this beautiful part of ourselves. I’m so excited for you to experience this awesome gift by listening to our interview here
In the meantime, please take a look at Patty’s incredible video series, Pole Dancing for Consciousness.
You can learn more about Patty in her bio:

A catalyst for transformation, Patty Alfonso is the creator of Pole Dancing for Consciousness. Using the tools of Access Consciousness and her love for pole dancing, Patty empowers women to reclaim their innate sexualness so they may have profound intimacy with themselves and others.

Knowing that everyone is an Infinite Being, Patty has made it her target to facilitate others in having radical awareness of their own gifts, generating dynamic change for themselves and contributing to the consciousness of this reality. She often asks, “What would it take for everyone to know they are a gift and contribution to the world?” “What would we be able to create then?”

Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Patty received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Emory University. She is certified as a Body/Mind Counselor and Energy Healing Therapist. Patty’s desire to continue growing and empower her clients, led her to Access Consciousness where she became a Certified Facilitator.

Patty has been inspired to share her passion and knowledge with others. Her writing has been featured in The Yogi Times, Whole Life Magazine and Whole Person Magazine.She has been featured on Southern California Life TV and The Best of Southern California. Patty has also been a guest on such shows as: Dream Reality ~ New Earth Radio, The Passion Muse, ReLaunch! with Joel and Dr. Pei and Illumine Ao Radio.

She currently resides in Los Angeles where she works with clients one-on-one as well as in group settings. Patty is also taking her work and her message globally leading groups into a new level Being-ness.

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