Intimate Conversations Highlights with Kimberly Riggins

Intimate Conversations Highlights with Kimberly Riggins

It was so great to get intimate with fellow pole dancer Kimberly Riggins. Kimberly challenged us to ditch the buillshit. I even learned to love my ass naked… even more than I already do.

You can discover your money language:

So check out replay at Intimate Conversations Live and learn to own your money archetype and soar to the authentic you!

kimberly riggins
Kimberly Riggins, Intuitive Changemaker, Wealth Warrior, Self-Love Expert, Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, Author and Coach.
Kimberly Riggins wants to live in a world where women are not afraid to own and express their worth. She believes that life should be loved and lived out loud. Full of adventure and filled with endless possibilities. Where no dream is neglected and where every opportunity, whether it is in business or in
life, is explored.
As a self-love expert, wealth warrior and intuitive changemaker, she’s been spotlighted on Channel 69 News, SHAPE magazine, YourTango, and Conscious Divas (to name a few).
When she’s not stripping down her client’s businesses and lives, helping them find their naked truth so they can step into success, you can find her enjoying a glass of full-bodied red wine, indulging in a decadent piece of organic dark chocolate, secretly watching episodes of Vampire Diaries or reading books on the Laws of Attraction, strengthening her manifesting muscle.
Her second book Watch Her Thrive, part of her initiative for her nonprofit, and her recently released program – What is Your Money Language – hits the world by storm this October. Uncover your personal truth, cut through the epic lies you tell yourself and learn how to get down to business both professionally and financially at
Bachelors of Psychology
Masters of Nutrition
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Certified Life Optimization Coach
Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach
Author of two books, Love Your Naked Ass & Watch Her Thrive
Publisher of Revive Magazine>

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