Intimate Conversations with Cory Michelle

How much fun are we going to have this week, talking about creating “juicy lives” with my gorgeous guest, Cory Michelle!? She invites us to consider 7 elements that can support us in making 2014 as our best year yet.

It’s funny if you think about it, we have all these BIG plans around the time of the new year, but by April we seem to lose some of the enthusiasm. That’s where Cory comes in… she wants to give you the “juicy” boost you need to get back on track!

I’m up for it! I know that some of my focus on 2014 has faded, just a tiny bit,  since January. Cory’s program, ‘7 Elements of Creating Your Future‘ is full of  potent, orgasmic energy to jump start your goals, so that you can achieve what you’ve set out to achieve with ease.  She will teach you how to become energetically aligned with what you are asking for.

So if you are ready to start changing and generating in every area of your juicy life, then jump on the ride and let’s play, this Thursday at 4pm Pacific on Intimate Conversations Live! Come by 5 minutes early and bring your questions, so I can incorporate them into the interview!

Take a look at her one-day course, (which has phenomenal reviews – by the way) ‘7 Elements of Creating Your Future‘ right HERE.

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