Intimate Conversations with Arjuna Ardagh

This week on Intimate Conversations LIVE I have the pleasure of interviewing the awesome Awakening Coach, Arjuna Ardagh! You can only imagine what Arjuna and I can get in to… I mean his new book is titled, “Better Than Sex.” But, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  (That reminds me, did I mention how lucky I feel to be sitting outside in 80 degree weather right now, in February?) Arjuna is the author of EIGHT books, including a #1 National Bestseller (The Translucent Revolution) on top of his new book.

Arjuna explains what it really means to be an ‘awakening coach’, which I find super interesting. He has this amazing energy about him, he is so wise, down to earth, open about his beautiful meeting of his life partner. What’s most fabulous to me, is his willingness to share what works to keep their union thriving over time, in fact growing in strength over time and his warm wisdom.

You won’t want to miss this interview as he teaches us how to apply his wisdom to our lives and relationships, and goes deep into practical tools that can help!

You can pick up a copy of Arjuna’s book ‘Better Than Sex’ right HERE, and join us for an enlightening experience, and hear how inner awakening can become the stable foundation of enlivening and giving the Unique Gift each person was born to share, on Intimate Conversations LIVE this Thursday.

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