Total Tutor Interview: What a blast!!

Total Tutor Interview: What a blast!!

I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by the Total Tutor, Neil Haley! Also in attendance was former school teacher and author, Jake Mullikan, who brought up a huge problem that parents are having staying connected with our kids. See how I answered it …

Topic: From Girl to Woman: Teenage Tension

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Many Moms & teenage daughters relationships never survive these three destructive pitfalls, I gave three simple solutions to take your relationship from crunchy to connected, remembering you don’t have to be a mom, you GET to.
Pitfall #1 The Daughter Hides: It’s easy to avoid mom, not express true feelings and escape in texting on Facebook. Solution: Weekly “Chick Time” face-to-face where it’s safe to open up: the spa, lunch, a walk in the woods … be an ask-able parent and just LISTEN.
Pitfall #2 The Mom’s Afraid: How do I teach her that her body is not at piece of meat, it’s a piece of art? Solution: Practice as a team going to the mall not being ‘beautiful’ but being beauty itself. Not needing attention to be enough is power.
Pitfall #3 The Mom’s Jealous: My daughter is getting more attention and the mom is losing the ‘it’ factor. Solution: When you’re empty, you compete, when you’re full, you praise and celebrate. Mom needs to fill up her tank, focus on what makes her feel alive, celebrate her daughter’s growth.
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