Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 3.38.54 PMRemember when I interviewed Nassim Haramein for Brave Bold and Raw, the wondrous quantum physicist?

Well, I had heard about the amazing mother of his two beautiful boys and how she had ‘orgasmic births’ with them, fueling a birthing revolution around the world… and while I didn’t have an orgasmic experience, I did have a 7 minute birth, no drugs or ripping, intense yet glorious and I was thrilled to meet this powerful woman one day.

I recently learned she had two root canals without anesthesia… and endured this challenging experience without resistance or reaction, but she transformed them into powerful ones.

Flash forward to last week, I had the blessing of Skyping her in ‘person’, basking in her radiance, giggling like school girls, sharing depths like goddesses… soul sisters and then some!

I am privileged to be invited to contribute a class in her upcoming 9 month program about how pleasure-filled our growth and expansion can be.
I invite you to check out a call she’s doing with Alexis Neely who is hosting Amber Hartnell on a live Master Class to share with you the tangible tools you can instantly implement in your life to effectively transform challenging experiences into empowering ones.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you discovered how to dissolve pain and resistance into neutrality~ and even transform it into pleasure? Join them for an inspiring, transformational and value rich free training call where you will have the opportunity to experience just how ecstatic growth and evolution can be.
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