Intimate Conversations LIVE – Highlights with Kavita Patel

Intimate Conversations LIVE – Highlights with Kavita Patel

This week on Intimate Conversations, Kavita Patel shows us the power of how we were raised. Kavita explains that we pick up behaviors of our parents, and we re-live them and that actually affects the way that we date now.

In the most unique (and amazing) way I’ve ever heard, she gives guidance on how to shift the way we date to a tipping point where we attract, meet and succeed with a fabulous partner that’s healing and expansive for us!

How cool is that? You have to listen to this is you haven’t found a great partner or wonder why he hasn’t called. We got started a little bit later than our usual time this week, so if you missed this interview, don’t worry, you can catch the replay atIntimate Conversations Live! And, make sure you check out Kavita’s bio below!

Check out Kavita’s book, ‘Why He Hasn’t Called’ rightHERE. And, make sure you also check out Kavita’s bio below!

For driven, ambitious single women looking for love AND coupled women looking to strengthen their existing relationships, Kavita J Patel provides proven, expert love and relationship one-on-one coaching, programs, and products to help women enjoy finding love so that they can find it faster, and make it last.
Kavita has helped hundreds of women to reclaim their love lives, including executives at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, FoxNews, Women’s Health Magazine, and Time Out NY.
Kavita helps women who feel like they have tried everything to find love throw out the games and techniques that haven’t worked, and release what’s really stopping them from letting love in. Through working with Kavita, women get in action, feel more confident, get clear on what they want, and completely shift the way they show up with men.
Start to magnetize the love you want! Join Kavita at, where you can get free weekly love notes.>

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