Intimate Conversations with Kate Northrup

Intimate Conversations with Kate Northrup

This week on Intimate Conversations, the amazing Kate Northrup joins the show. Kate has a wonderful book about money, it’s actually a love story… sounds delicious, right? ( I’ve actually interviewed her mother Christiane a few times too!) Kate has a magical way of helping us look at money.

She believes that the ultimate luxury is CHOICE and that while we thinkwe want it all and have been told we can have it all… the truth is, we don’t want it all. We want what we want. We want to be inspired, in love, healthy, happy, and abundant. YES! Kate also believes that the money and wealth game is not as much about dollars and cents as it is about your relationship with YOU. Can you believe she was able to get herself out of some pretty BIG debt by the age of 28?!

Kate wants to give you grounded advice that will help you receive, give, and enjoy more value in your life. You can see more about her and her yummy book right here:

As Kate puts it,“The way I do everything, from making spending decisions to running my business to deciding where to go to dinner, is from a place of trust, fun, and wanting to feel good.”

How does it get any better than that?! That’s what the end result is all about anyway. We work hard so we can play and love harder!

You seriously shouldn’t miss this one. Please join us forIntimate Conversations LIVEand learn how to receive, give, and enjoy MORE value in your life!

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