Intimate Conversations with Jordan Harbinger

Intimate Conversations with Jordan Harbinger

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! So I thought it was a GREAT idea for us to talk about how to charm a woman, with this week’s guest on Intimate Conversations LIVE, the deliciously intelligent (and handsome), Jordan Harbinger. I wonder if what he considers charming, is charming to me, or you?

Jordan is a speaker and “American lawyer turned Social Dynamics expert.” He is owner and co-founder of the program “The Art of Charm“of which he is Pretty kick-ass! I’ve actually had Jordan on the show before, and everyone loved him SO much, that I had to bring him back.

I am really curious to find out even more about his background, like how he went from studying International Commerce at University of Michigan, to graduating from law school in the top third of his class, to awesome dating expert. ( I told you he was sexy & smart, right?) I am also interested to learn about how he supports the guys out there and how he help bring out their yummy confident authenticity that makes us feel so amazing. Aren’t you?

Take a look at Jordan’s website & programs rightHERE& Join us this Thursday onIntimate Conversations LIVE! See if you can pick up a few pointers before Valentine’s Day!

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