Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Tim Gillette

Intimate Conversations- Highlights with Tim Gillette

Intimate conversations was SO fun last night with Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach! I just adore him! He just got right to it and into an intimate authentic vulnerable conversation about marriage, children, his Dad, his mentor Zig ZIggler, his humility, his boldness… SUCH great advice for business and relationships and living! My favorite was his no nonsense “Get over it, and just DO it!”

His ‘4 guarantees for life’ at the end of the interview were the icing on the cake… you will be empowered to take action and be YOU and have way too much fun doing it!!

You’ve got to check out his first book, ‘You Can Always Get What YOU Want‘! You can find it right here: watch for his second book which will be released on Nov. 28th, titled ‘Taken Care of Business’. So exciting!

So check out replay at Intimate Conversations Liveand join us!

Also, make sure you check out Tim’s bio below!

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Tim Gillette is the Creator of the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success – Using Music, Motorcycles and Mentorship to teach Entrepreneurs to become Leaders in their industry.”
Tim Gillette is know for working both in his events, and with his coaching clients and mastermind members to TAKE ACTION.
Tim spent 5 years to get started with his calling, and purpose. In 2004 in a conversation with his friend and mentor Zig Ziglar, it was the advice of Zig that Tim should be a speaker, as he had already been coaching entrepreneurs all along. It was due to his not taking fast action that Tim learned the short time we have on earth. After the passing of his Father in 2010 Tim got serious about taking action to reach your dreams. After the passing of Zig Ziglar the action plan got even more serious, as Tim Promised both of those men he would write a book.
Tim’s First book “You Can Always Get What YOU Want” was written in under 3 weeks. His second book “Taken Care of Business” is Due for release November 28th.
In his presentations, Tim uses lessons learned from his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll music, traveling 30,000+ miles annually on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, coaching clients, and speaking to audiences. He shares his passion for mentorship and leadership using examples from his own business experiences as well as his journeys around the country.
Tim teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out as the Leader in their Industry at his Rock ‘n’ Roll Entrepreneur BootCamp every April and October in Dallas, TX.
Tim speaks to corporations about thinking like a Rock ‘n’ Roll entrepreneur to grow your company. He also speaks to colleges, professional seminars, and association meetings about how to stand out in the world as a Rock ‘n’ Roll leader.>

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